Introducing the

Gel-Lys™ Method

I am thrilled to introduce a treatment which is brand new to the UK. Diamond Beauty Zone is the first in Scotland and one of the first in Europe to offer this new type of lash treatment!

I travelled to Oakland, California to train in this brand new system. The Gel-Lys™ method has been in development for several years. Soo-Jin Yang at Illumino Lashes is now training in her new treatment and I wanted to be one of the first. I am  very lucky to have been able to learn from the inventor. I am also very excited to be able to bring this to Scotland and the UK. I can now offer lashes to my clients that are oil resistant (, and will stay fuller for much longer.

So what exactly is it?

How does it work?


The Gel-Lys™ is a small device that cures a product called Lynk Gel ™. This gel is used in the place of the normal lash adhesive and bonds eyelash extensions instantly to your own lash with an LED light. This means that the normal 12-24 hour curing time is now instant. 

So what are the benefits?

 The Lynk Gel ™ is faster, stronger and safer than regular lash glue.  The gel can immediately withstand 

  • Water
  • Oil
  • Powerful make up removers
  • Eyecreams

As the gel is fume free this will help clients with more sensitive eyes. There's no more red eyes, no more tears and no more nipping when you first open your eyes. Game changer!

And is it safe?

The tiny light that is used to cure the gel is LED, not UV.

The light is less bright than daylight and is completely safe to operate in the area of the human eye. Most clients can't even tell when the light is on. The removal of these lashes is carried out exactly as normal lash extensions by using a debonding gel.


So when I can get them?!

We are now able to offer the Gel-Lys™!




(Must have received lashes with us in the past 6 months)

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